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By Danny Danziger

Surveying a huge panorama via a slender lens, "1215" sweeps readers again 8 centuries in an soaking up portrait of existence in the course of a time of worldwide upheaval, the ripples of that may nonetheless be felt today.

At the guts of this attention-grabbing interval is the rfile that has turn into the basis of recent freedom: the Magna Carta. by no means sooner than had royal authority been challenged so essentially. the good constitution could develop into the basis of the U.S. executive and felony approach, and approximately 8 hundred years later, of Magna Carta's sixty-three clauses are nonetheless a ringing expression of freedom for mankind. however it used to be additionally a time of political revolution and household swap that observed the Crusades, Richard the Lionheart, King John, and -- in legend -- Robin Hood all make their marks on history.

The occasions prime as much as King John's surroundings his seal to the well-known rfile at Runnymede in June 1215 shape this wealthy and riveting narrative that vividly describes way of life from fortress to nation-state, from college to church, and from searching within the wooded area to trial through ordeal. for example, ladies wore no undies (though males did), the common temperatures have been really greater than they're now, the austere kitchen at Westminster Abbey allowed every one monk kilos of meat and a gallon of ale "per day," and it was once attainable to commute from Windsor to the Hampshire coast with no as soon as leaving the forest.

Broad in scope and wealthy intimately, "1215" ingeniously illuminates what could have been crucial 12 months of our historical past.

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At this time, what is now the tiny village of Chiddingfold in the Sussex Weald was the centre of the English glass-making industry. Those who could afford them chose floor tiles in place of beaten earth or stone floors – and fine tiles were meant to be admired, not covered with rushes or rush matting. In The Romance of Horn the poet describes a princess’s chamber ‘paved with intricately worked marble and blue limestone’. Tiled floors were easier to keep clean too. Comfort and fashion were of primary importance rather than defence.

He tells you when, where and how you can urinate, defecate, spit, belch and fart politely. He offers advice on how to live a long, healthy and happy life, what to eat and drink, with some recipes thrown in, discusses exercise, when to take baths, how often to have sex. Moderation in all things is the guiding principle, seasonally adjusted: in summer, for example, you should cut back on hot baths and sex. Cheerful songs will keep you in a good mood. Cultivate entertaining conversation, avoid quarrels, and get yourself some new clothes now and again.

Not only was there the food to be prepared, there was also the hall to be cleaned, wall-hangings shaken or beaten, tables (boards on trestles), stools and benches had to be put in place or stacked away. Servants who lived outside the household arrived, often women who worked as laundresses or dairymaids. When the lord and lady got up, servants and maids helped them wash and dress. They used a soft soap made by boiling mutton fat in wood ash and caustic soda, and a twig, probably springy hazel, to clean their teeth.

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