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By Tina Kasloff Carver, Sandra Douglas Fotinos

provides an inviting method of constructing dialog fluency. This publication offers photo dictionary-type pages, in addition to dialog and grammar perform, that supply scholars with the vocabulary and conversing abilities they wish for way of life. For intermediate ESL novices.

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Is embarrassed speaking a foreign language. 5. has had an unusual experience in a foreign country. 6. --------------------------------7. Cross Cultural Exchange In groups of four, choose a conversation monitor and a recorder. • Discuss these questions. • Compare cultures when possible. • Report the results of your discussion to the class. 1. What traditions are part of your cultural heritage? 2. What climate is part of your cultural heritage? What clothing? food? music? games? architecture? religion?

12. custom fur coat heritage history 17. 18. 19. 20. religious reserved show affection tradition 13. 14. 15. 16. palm tree physical contact plaza/square religion 21. 22. 23. 24. i See Conversation Springboards on page 206. Picture Discu6sion With your class, answer the questions about the scenes. • Use the vocabulary list. • Add more words. 1. Where do you think each student is from? 2. Describe their memories of home. 4. What traditional religion, food, music, and games could be part of each student's he ritage?

Make a pile. • Pick a paper. • Guess what the situation is. 1. You are watching a movie, and the person sitting next to you is talking to a friend. You cannot hear the movie. 2. You are on a crowded train, and your stop is next. You need to get to the door before it closes. 3. You are waiting in line at the bank during your lunch hour. Someone cuts in line in front of you. 4. A salesperson calls your home during dinner time. This is the third call from the same company this evening. Group Role Play In groups of four, choose one of the situations above.

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