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Rites and Symbols of Initiation: The Mysteries of Birth and Rebirth

Organizing information from cultures internationally, Mircea Eliade, one of many preeminent interpreters of global faith within the 20th century, lays out the fundamental styles of initiation: crew puberty rites, front into mystery cults, shamanic guide, person visions, and heroic rites of passage.

Solomon's Secret Arts: The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment

Initially released in 2013.

The overdue 17th and eighteenth centuries are referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, a time of technological know-how and cause. yet during this illuminating publication, Paul Monod finds the staggering quantity to which Newton, Boyle, Locke, and different giants of rational inspiration and empiricism additionally embraced the religious, the paranormal, and the occult.

Although public popularity of occult and magical practices waxed and waned in this interval they survived underground, experiencing a substantial revival within the mid-eighteenth century with the increase of recent antiestablishment non secular denominations. The occult spilled over into politics with the radicalism of the French Revolution and into literature in early Romanticism. even if reputable disapproval used to be at its most powerful, the facts issues to a transforming into viewers for occult courses in addition to to subversive well known enthusiasm. eventually, reveals Monod, the occult was once now not discarded in prefer of "reason" yet was once integrated into new types of studying. In that feel, the occult is a part of the trendy international, no longer easily a relic of an unenlightened previous, and continues to be with us today.


Lo! used to be Charles Fort's 3rd booklet. In it citadel examines a mess of clinical anomalies. citadel is largely credited to have coined the now-popular time period teleportation during this e-book, and right here he ties his past statements on what he often called the Super-Sargasso Sea into his ideals on teleportation.

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The state does not imply more than a potential for a change of mind. Confidence cannot develop fully until mastery has been accomplished. We have already attempted to correct the fundamental error that fear can be mastered, and have emphasized that the only real mastery is through love. Readiness is only the beginning of confidence. You may think this implies that an enormous amount of time is necessary between readiness and mastery, but let me remind you that time and space are under my control.

In time we exist for and with each other. In timelessness we coexist with God. - 41 - A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 2 THE SEPARATION AND THE ATONEMENT (8) You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way: I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.

Everything that results from spiritual awareness is merely channelized toward correction. Discomfort is aroused only to bring the need for correction into awareness. The fear of healing arises in the end from an unwillingness to accept unequivocally that healing is necessary. What the physical eye sees is not corrective, nor can error be corrected by any device that can be seen physically. As long as you believe in what your physical sight tells you, your attempts at correction will be misdirected.

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