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Aleister Crowley's vague Liber 231 is still certainly one of his such a lot enigmatic got magical texts, and one whose genesis at once issues the workings of astral magic and trance-mediumship. a meeting of mask is the summation of direct magical workings with the Genii of the Domes, the spirits governing the printed secret of Liber 231, and serving because the wards of the main Arcana of the Tarot. Fulfilled by way of the writer over a interval of a decade, the twenty-two evocations of the Genii of the Domes exhibit a patterning of energy and gnosis heretofore little-explored within the perform of the artwork Magical. The publication commences with the author's creation, entitled "By Seal and Sphere: A Treatise on Astral Magic". the guts of the paintings is constructed from twenty-two oracles, every one of that's observed by means of a statement and a special Queen Scale sigil derived from the paintings. The ebook additionally contains numerous illustrations by means of artist-author Barry William Hale of Fulgur constrained. Of curiosity to students of Thelema and practitioners of ceremonial magic, amassing stands as an outré magical list of the Divinatory paintings

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37 Rise and perform the Qabalistic Cross and prayer. Then proceed to contemplation of (a Tarot trump), either by placing it before you and gazing at it, until you seem to see into it; or by placing it against your forehead .. 8 Planetary sigils, or telesma, were created by the Golden Dawn initiate by using a magical square in which the sigil of the planet is traced so that its lines touch every number on the square, or the kamea as it was also known. The tracing of the sigil in turn traced or called forth the trajectory of the planetary/elemental force desired.

For the Waters oj the Stars are the Waters of Life Ever-Living and are given to those ofthe Heart of the Stellar Logos. And know, that this Word, again, is ofthe Flashing Sword, and the Mystery of its descent is the Knowledge of the Serpentfrom the Stars. And in sooth, is such Knowledge the Spiral Force issuedforth in the Cry of the Hawk-Headed Lord, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, whose Dominion now stands as Star and Eyrie. 60 Commentary This opus was performed in a wood and stone cabin by the Pacific ocean, which had a wood burning stove.

My mask is seven, my shield is three. Watch my quiver. Arrows? 7, 3, 73. The TripUdty is of the Moon. 53 I am the Servant ofthe Mask. My beloved souls are strung like the strings upon a harp, and sweet music resounds by the light of the Moon, old Sele, old Sin, old Niniver. Hear my harp, see my bow. Have you swallowed the Arrow? Arrows are myfledgling souls. Straight and true... I am the Cauldron, the Mill and the Broom, and all three are one spiral castle. This is the mystery you have truly comefor, speak the truth in your heart.

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