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This SpringerBrief proposes a normal framework for reasoning approximately inconsistency in a wide selection of logics, together with inconsistency answer tools that experience now not but been studied. The proposed framework permits clients to specify personal tastes on tips to get to the bottom of inconsistency while there are a number of how you can achieve this. This empowers clients to solve inconsistency in info leveraging either their unique wisdom of the knowledge in addition to their program wishes. The short exhibits that the framework is well-suited to address inconsistency in different logics, and offers algorithms to compute hottest strategies. eventually, the short indicates that the framework not just captures a number of present works, but additionally helps reasoning approximately inconsistency in numerous logics for which no such tools exist today.

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4 Fuzzy Logic 29 I assigns a value in [0, 1] to each propositional symbol in Σ . Moreover, given two propositional formulas φ1 and φ2 , we have • I(¬φ1 ) = 1 − I(φ1) • I(φ1 ∧ φ2 ) = min{I(φ1 ), I(φ2 )} • I(φ1 ∨ φ2 ) = max{I(φ1 ), I(φ2 )} We say that I satisfies a formula φ : v iff I(φ ) ≥ v. Consistency and entailment are defined in the standard way. 5. 5 Suppose that the weakening mechanism is defined as follows: for any formula φ : v, we define W (φ : v) = {φ : v | v ∈ [0, 1] ∧ v ≤ v}; then, W (K ) = {{ψ1 , ψ2 , ψ3 } | ψi ∈ W (ψi ) 1 ≤ i ≤ 3}.

1 entails that the set of preferred options for K ∗ is Opt (K ∗ ) = {CN(S) | S ∈ M }. t. xT : [1, 1], xF : [1, 1] ∈ O} and O2 = Opt (K ∗ )− O1 . We now show that φ is valid iff u : [1, 1] is a universal consequence of K ∗ . t. xT : [1, 1], xF : [1, 1] ∈ O and u ← xT ∧ xF : [1, 1] ∈ O. Consider now a preferred option O ∈ O2 . For any x ∈ X either xT : [1, 1] or xF : [1, 1] belongs to O. Let us consider the truth assignment I derived from O as follows: for any x ∈ X, I(x) is true iff xT : [1, 1] ∈ O and I(x) is false iff xF : [1, 1] ∈ O.

E. unweakened) as possible. In this case, the only preferred option is CN({ψ1 , (♦processed ← received), ψ3 }), where formula ψ2 , stating that if a request is received then it will be processed at the next moment in time, has been weakened into a new one stating that the request will be processed at a future point in time. 3. Let K and ψ be a temporal knowledge base and formula, respectively. Suppose the weakening mechanism returns subsets of the given knowledge base and the preference relation is ⊇.

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