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You could no longer have the golf green palms or the assets to construct the striking Gardens of Babylon however it remains to be attainable to create a blossoming haven on your personal again backyard. This functional booklet courses you thru the mysteries of the seasons, with easy, easy-to-follow pointers on find out how to make your backyard develop. conflict the insects and the slugs, and plant, prune and dig your method to own paradise.

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Instead, use well-drained compost to nourish the bulbs before they flower. Garden Lore… An acorn at the window will keep lightning out. ”’ The Talmud TO ENSURE AN evenly sown lawn, divide the area into equal squares and allocate the same amount of seed for each square. Then give the area a light rake just to make sure. REFRIGERATE GRASS SEEDS for a couple of days before sowing to encourage more vigorous growth. FREQUENT MOWING ENCOURAGES lawn growth, so mow once a week when grass is growing well.

This way, when the seeds start to grow, you will know what to look for and will not confuse them with weeds. 49 49 24/08/2005 16:31:04 A Miscellany of Garden Wisdom PLANT BULBS AT approximately three times their depth to give them a good chance of thriving. WHEN PLANTING BULBS in the garden, first plant them inside a flowerpot and then bury the pot as this can be more easily lifted once the bulbs have grown and finished flowering. GIVE YOUR DAFFODIL bulbs a good squeeze before planting them. If the bulbs feel soft, chances are they are harbouring bulb fly lava.

BRIGHTEN UP A shady corner of your garden with the following plants that will grow well without much sunlight – monkshood, masterwort, Christmas rose, Virginian cowslip, bugle, columbine, bergenia, lungwort and wood-lily. 61 61 24/08/2005 16:31:07 A Miscellany of Garden Wisdom DON’T PULL UP all of your nettles – they are great at stimulating the growth of their neighbouring plants and also attract butterflies. BLUEBELLS LOOK LOVELY in a garden, but English bluebells can be very invasive. For a less boisterous variety consider the Spanish bluebell, hyacinthoides hispanica.

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