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I myself, however, not being of Jewish blood, was in no hurry to seize the fine opportunity thus offered -I have often wished since I had. What I wanted was in the first place to get quite well, and secondly to see more of this extraordinary new country before I did anything in the way of investing. I got an answer from Ally Hodges next day, in which he proposed that I should run up to Central City as soon as possible and see him, for he did not think he should stay on in Colorado much longer.

However, the success of his chestnut seemed to him a good wind-up to our conversation. He raised his single curb-rein-tied as I noticed in a knot over his horse's withers-remarked So long! " and loped away. To" lope" was not hard to guess. I t is a shortened form of the Spanish word "galopear" which the Western man had naturalized as American. I felt I had learned quite a lot as I walked back, well pleased with myself, to the hotel. Mr. Crocker was still out on business in the town, and I found that business hours might extend up to almost any time of night.

One of the toniest there is in Cheyenne too, I believe. They say he plays a square game at his lay-out. Guess he's just gone round there to see if everything's all shipshape this morning. " There was that same everlasting quizzical grin on Billy Steinberger's mug, the grin I was beginning to get so tired of. Must I always go on being such an obvious tenderfoot? " Well," cut in Alf, " if he wants you to start in on poker or faro or any of these games, you're not quite so green as you were. We've taught you a thing or two, haven't we?

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