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By Keith R Molenaar; Gerald Yakowenko; Construction Institute.; Construction Research Council (Washington, D.C.)

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Of Grand Forks, the city’s agent and supervisor for the project. Phase II consisted of completing the buildings, constructing manhole installations and access bridges into and over the ponds, and installing all electrical and mechanical equipment. When completed, the aeration equipment would treat the city’s sewage primarily in the aerated cells, with secondary treatment occurring in lagoons. A separate phase II contract was awarded to Moorhead in July 1969, with completion scheduled for October 30, 1970.

105) The interpretations of the parties must be mutual. Knowledge of the other party’s interpretation and acquiescence or silence is a mutual interpretation (American Jurisprudence 1990, Sec. 240, p. 625). Interpretation as a Whole It is common practice in a dispute for each party to focus on specific clauses or provisions in the contract supporting their position. However, Fundamental Principles 29 a court may not approach an interpretation so narrowly. It is a universal principle that the agreement in its entirety must be examined (Corpus Juris Secundum 1963, Sec.

750). A manifested intent is that which has been outwardly expressed by the written agreement or by acts and deeds during performance. It is the true or actual intent that a party has given to the agreement. In the view of one court, Greater regard is to be had for the clear intent of the parties than to any particular words which they may have used in the expression of their intent. (American Jurisprudence 1990, Sec. 264, p. 688) Work Area The work area contains the evidence that a court is permitted to consider.

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