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The current paintings addresses itself to the query of the character of appraisive innovations resembling have been the topic of research within the techniques of worth* and The innovations of feedback. ** Many difficulties of best significance within the thought of price couldn't be safely taken care of there with no diminishing the fundamental function of these reports which used to be especially to spot, classify and supply a basic theoretical framework for the host of recommendations with which we represent and commend topics of appraisal in the entire crucial parts of human curiosity. the writer may need forestalled the discontentment of a few of his critics had he then explicitly promised to contemplate these difficulties at a later time. yet his reluctance to vow what he may not be able to produce outweighed a prepared wisdom of what the issues are and in their glaring seriousness. even supposing my remedy of such difficulties has in basic terms now been undertaken, in element of time my problem with them antedates by way of some distance the em­ pirical explorations of the 2 texts pointed out. someone who undertakes one of these research is probably going to have come below the in­ fluence of Professor Frank Sibley's 'Aesthetic Concepts't and of later increase­ ments in his research of yes appraisive options. What do such ideas suggest and the way do they mean9 those are the questions he taken care of in this type of stimulating fashion.

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What they were agreeing about and what they were appraising, could be formulated as a description Q of S's behavior, consisting of an account of his actions, his utterances, his gestures and so on. One of them, V, may perhaps concede that one aspect of S's behavior was indeed insolent, thumbing his nose at some person of authority, but that aside from that, S's behavior was courageous and forthright. The other, U, might concede that this or that aspect of S's behavior or utterance was sincere and made a serious moral point.

Old saws come to mind. "The truth hurts," may be used to defend persons who invariably speak the truth against allegations of impudence and insolence by counter-appraising them as forthright, fearless, and frank. Contexts would of course have to be observed to determine whether the imperatives were unqualified, or restricted to the speech or behavior suitable to a particular occasion. Somewhat similar remarks, with appropriate qualifications, could be 33 34 THE EMERGENCE OF APPRAISIVE CONCEPTS made for Ex.

Ayer's view that appraisals are merely acceptances and rejections, ultimately of an emotional sort, differing only in the intensity with which they are uttered. Otherwise there is little to choose among them to express oneself. One looks in vain in Mr. Ayer's score of pages devoted to the "emotive theory of ethics" in this famous book for an awareness of the fact that appraisals are in the overwhelming number of instances made not with right-wrong, good-bad, but with a vast and easily augmentable vocabulary of characterizations which do have a material content, as we are demonstrating.

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