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By R. Allen Brown

Battles in England and Normandy 1066-1154; Philip II's fort coverage in Normandy; Order of Sempringham; Anselm's Letters; Henry I, conflict and international relations; creation of Knight provider in England; Scandinavian nfluence in 11th-Century Norman Literature; Gesta Normannorum; Architectural implications of Decreta Lanfranci; William and the Church of Rome; Lincoln Cathedral; `Lewes workforce' of Wall work; Knights Templar at Shipley Church. J. BRADBURY, C. COULSON, R. FOREVILLE, W. FRçHLICH, C.W. HOLLISTER, J.C. HOLT, E. VAN HOUTS, G. HUISMAN, A.W. KLUKAS, P.A. MACCARINI, D. OWEN, D. PARK, R. GEM.30 plates, figs.

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He gives a valuable note on terminology and attributes the style castrum in Champagne to the statut jw'dique of the site ('Les Enceintes de CrBcy-en-Brie . ',Mt'moires, Ft'dkration des Socit'tks Historiques e t ArchPologlques de Pars et de L'Be de France, 30,1979, 15-16,18-19,44 note (2). ). The defences of iangres (munitio civitntis) market and mint were 'delegated' to the bishop as early as 814 (Recueil . Lothaire . ,no. 29; confirmed 887; again, adding the cornitatus and tolls taken at the gates, in 967).

111;Rotulide LiberateacdeMisisetPraestitis . , Rec. Comm. 1844,34-5). , . '~ As new socio-political relationships coagulated, feudal custom brought a new pluralism to bear on inherited Carolingian principles. Monarchism becomes little more than a reminiscence in the pronouncements of ecclesiasticsaffecting fortresses, and in the atavistic grandiloquence of early Capetian charters. Old and new elements mingle in the 'sacred ban' established by the Council of Anse in 994 in favour of Cluny Abbey.

Louis VI) . nunus juder publicus. , enjoining the abbey tenants not to build any tunif in Sarlat town or any castellum in the monks' lordships or around Sarlat praprius quam sit hodie absque eomm lieentia. This ban was upheld against CasteIdal, a bastide project of Henry I11 and Edward I of England in 1268 and 1281 (Les Olim, i,no. 21 ;ii, no. 25). Louis VII's first protection (Feb. 1155) to Bishop John of Maguelone (Hkrault) modelled o n Louis Vl (sana*musut nullus comes, nullus princeps, nulla alia layca potesfas .

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