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Still Image and Video Compression with MATLAB

This ebook describes the foundations of photograph and video compression strategies and introduces present and well known compression criteria, equivalent to the MPEG sequence. Derivations of correct compression algorithms are constructed in an easy-to-follow style. a variety of examples are supplied in each one bankruptcy to demonstrate the ideas.

From Elementary Probability to Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE

This is often an advent to probabilistic and statistical innovations essential to comprehend the elemental rules and techniques of stochastic differential equations. in line with degree idea, that is brought as easily as attainable, it offers functional talents within the use of MAPLE within the context of chance and its functions.

Bildverarbeitung fur Einsteiger: Programmbeispiele mit Mathcad

Dieser verständliche Einstieg behandelt alle modernen Methoden der digitalen Bildverarbeitung wie Verfahren zur Entzerrung von Bildern, Farbbildverarbeitung, Problemlösung mit Algorithmenketten, Beleuchtung, Optik zur Bilderfassung und Bildverarbeitungssysteme mit mehreren Kameras. Praxis-Beispiele und Bilder erklären ausführlich die Ziele, Anwendungen und Verfahren.

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They discuss what types of variables can exist within a procedure and the evaluation rules applied to each. Parameters Chapter 1 introduced you to local and global variables, but procedures have a more fundamental type of variable: parameters. Parameters are variables whose name appears between the parentheses of a proc()expression. They have a special role within procedures, as Maple replaces them with arguments when you execute the procedure. 48 • Chapter 2: Fundamentals Examine the following procedure which squares its first argument and assigns the answer to the second argument, which must be a name.

Write a Maple procedure called sigma which, given n > 1 data values, x1 , x2 , . . , xn , computes their standard deviation. The following equation gives the standard deviation of n > 1 numbers, σ= 1 n n (xi − µ)2 i=1 where µ is the average of the data values. You create lists and many other objects in Maple out of more primitive data structures called sequences . The list X defined previously contains the following sequence. 1 You can select elements from a sequence in the same way you select elements from a list.

P := randpoly(x, degree=50) * randpoly(x, degree=99); p := (77 x48 + 66 x44 + 54 x37 − 5 x20 + 99 x5 − 61 x3 ) (−47 x57 − 91 x33 − 47 x26 − 61 x25 + 41 x18 − 58 x8 ) > max( coeffs( map(abs, expand(p)) ) ); 9214 Exercise 1. Write a procedure that computes the Euclidean norm of a polynomial; n 2 that is, i=0 |ai | . The Chebyshev Polynomials, Tn (x) The Chebyshev polynomials, Tn (x), satisfy the following linear recurrence. Tn (x) = 2xTn−1 (x) − Tn−2 (x), for n ≥ 2. The first two Chebyshev polynomials are T0 (x) = 1 and T1 (x) = x.

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