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This booklet offers the worked-out ideas for all of the routines within the textual content through Lang and Murrow. it is going to be of use not just to arithmetic lecturers, but additionally to scholars utilizing the textual content for self-study.

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J2 (b) m(angle MPQ) = 180-45=135 m(angle Q)=lh(180-135)=22 1ho (c) m(angle QMO)=45+22 1h=67 1ho 11. 12. /3 sq. units 13. J2 14. 43, let APMQ be isosceles with IPMI = IMQI. Let X and Y lie on PQ so that d(p,X)=d(Y,Q). Prove: AXMY is isosceles. In APMQ draw the altitude from vertex M intersecting PQ at point D. In an isosceles triangle this altitude bisects the base so d(P,D)=d(D,Q). Let d(P,X)=d(Y,Q)=a. By the SEQ postulate d(P,D)=a+d(X,D) and d(D,Q)=a+d(D,Y). By the above equation a+d(X,D)=a+d(D,Y).

1 applied to K = d(O,M) by hypothesis and Thm. 1 applied to L 3. Since IAX I = IAY I, A is on the perpendicular bisector of XY. There is only one line through A and perpendicular to XY so L must be the perpendicular bisector of XY. 4. No, since XY would not necessarily intersect Alr at its midpoint. D ,v... ,~ I Ii 5. Let MNPQ be a rhombus. (see fig. 10) Prove PM and QN are perpendicular bisectors of each other. INP I = INM I = IPQ I = IQM I since they are sides of a rhombus. Therefore, since N and Q are equidistant from P and M and two points 43 44 GEOMETRY: SOLUTION MANUAL determine a line, QN is the perpendicular bisector of PM.

This again CHAPTER 5. SOME APPLICATIONS OF RIGHT TRIANGLES 45 contradicts the fact that P and Q are distinct points so this arrangement is not possible. Thus X lies on the segment PQ. 13. Build the dock at the point where the shoreline intersects the perpendicular bisector of the segment joining Factory A with Factory B. 14. 13, P and Q are points on the circle centered at o. Prove: The perpendicular bisector of the chord, PQ, passes through o. Since P and Q lie on the circle, they are equidistant from O.

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